Safety hygene and solitary hospitalization

Safety rules within the department

The child must be supervised in all areas of the department.
When the child is lying down or sitting in bed, close the bed site railings to prevent falling.

When the child is in the trolley it is imperative to buckle him with the seat belt.
Do not allow children to walk around the department barefoot.

Hygene and infection prevention

  • In the department, there are children hospitalized with various diseases, some of them infectious. We try to hospitalize children with similar diseases in the same room in order to lower the chance of infection. In some cases, the child will be hospitalized in isolation.
  • Most rooms have a shower and toilet for bathing the hospitalized children as well as for the accompanying parents. In addition, we have sinks for washing babies. These sinks need to be sanitized before every wash with chlorine powder. In the rooms without a shower, you will have to use bathrooms outside the rooms. We recommended bringing soap and shampoo from home.

Several rules have to be kept

  • Whoever comes in contact with the child patient has to was their hands after every time they stay close to him and touch him.
  • Passing objects (such as toys) between children is forbidden.
  • Coming into different children's rooms with your child is forbidden.
  • Do not bring children under the age of 12 to visit the child.

Isolation room

Isolation rooms are for children with an infectious disese or for children who need protection from getting infected by diseases. The decision to put a child in an isolation room is purely medical. The parents are allowed to be with the child in the isolation room. Despite the name, "isolation room" does not have to mean completely alone.

If your child has been hospitalized in an isolation room you will have to follow additional rules:

  • The room's door has to stay closed
  • You must wash your hands carefully before and after taking care of the child and when you leave the room.
  • You must wear an isolation robe, only when in the room.
  • No guests are allowed in the isolation room.
  • You must listen to the nursing staff's instructions.