The information and instructions on the following pages should not replace those given to you by your doctor.

Lidocaine, also called Lignocaine, is a sterile gel used as a local anesthetic. Lidocaine dulls feeling in a localized area. The dulling sensation is only temporary. The gel is easily absorbed in the mucosal area. It is not as easily absorbed from the skin.

Do not use when

  • Your child has a known allergy to one of the ingredients

Consult your doctor when

  • Your child has any known food or drug allergies
  • Your child is taking other medication

Storing the Medication
Medication should be kept in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children. Lidocaine is a sterile gel, therefore it can only be used once. The rest must be thrown out.

Administering the Medication
Lidocaine is generally administered by a physician in the hospital or clinic prior to surgery. If it is prescribed to your child, use it according to the instruction given by your doctor. If your doctor gave no instructions: 30 grams of gel no more than once every 12 hours; Children: 6 mg per kilo. No eating or drinking for an hour after administering the gel.

Side Effects
The gel is generally absorbed with little or no side effects.

Call your doctor when

  • Your child experiences severe side effects such as redness in the eye, burning or itching in the eye, red blotches on the skin, local swelling, throat aches, paleness, fever, weakness, and/or bleeding
  • Your child's condition worsens
  • Your child has an allergic reaction to the treatment

The gel should be used carefully around infected areas. It should only be used for medical purposes.