Petroleum Jelly

The information and instructions on the following pages should not replace those given to you by your doctor.

Our skin dries out when too much of our body's liquid evaporates off the skin. This condition gets more severe as we age and the more we wash our hands with soap and warm water. The soap and warm water washes off the natural fatty layer of our skin. Petroleum Jelly, also called soft paraffin, is a moisturizer which works to soften the skin. It can also be used to treat chapped lips. The cream creates a layer of fat to prevent the evaporation. It is used to treat cases of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and sunburns.

Do not use when
Your child has a known allergy to one of the ingredients

Consult your doctor when

  • Your child is taking other medication
  • Your child has known allergies to food and/or drugs

Storing the Medication
Keep the medication in a cool, dark place – away from fire (lighters, gas) and out of reach of children. Do not use past the expiration date.

Administering the Medication
Rub petroleum jelly onto the affected area 2-4 times a day (depending on the situation) and gently massage into the skin. Make sure to use the medications at the set time each day. The dose will be decided upon by the doctor based on the condition, age, and gender. The petroleum jelly does not induce any medical activity – it speeds up the recovery process and stops the condition from worsening.

What should I do if I forget to put on the cream on time?
Put it on as soon as you remember.

When can I end treatment?
Use the petroleum jelly as needed in order to get the best results. It may take a number of weeks to get the best result. In some cases, use the cream consistently can prevent the situation from getting worse – even if it seems like the problem has already healed.

Side Effects
Side effects include rashes, prolonged use can cause folliculitis. In rare cases, patients develop an allergic reaction to the jelly.

Call your doctor when

  • Your child's condition worsens
  • Your child develops a severe side effect
  • Your child experiences an allergic reaction

For external use only! Do not smoke or use fire after using petroleum jelly – EXTREMELY flammable!