About hospitalization when giving birth

Welcome to the maternity ward!

Birth, even though it takes place in a hospital, is a natural process and we will do everything we can to make it as pleasant as possible for you and your family.

Ein Kerem

The main entrance to the Mother and Child building is open until 20:00 every day. On Fridays, holiday evenings and Saturdays the entrance will be open between 07:00-19:00. Access to the labor rooms after these hours is from the emergency room.

Signing up for birth
It is recommended to sign up for birth any time starting from the 24th week into the pregnancy, in order to promise a spot in our departments. Signing up takes place in the maternity reception office, in the entrance to the Mother and Child building in Ein Kerem, Sundays-Thursdays between 08:00-16:00. Please bring identification updated with the personal information of both prospective parents, bank account number and a pregnancy tracking card.

Single mothers will be accepted with one ID card.

For more information: +972-2-6776490

Touring the labor rooms
A guided tour in the labor rooms takes place every Tuesday at 16:30.

For more information please call +972-2-6776484 or +972-2-6776494.

Who takes care of you in the labor room?
The treatment in the labor room is done by a team of certified midwives and the OBGYN department medical team. A pediatrician and an anesthesiologist are at the labor room's service 24 hours a day.

When do we go to the labor room?

  • If you feel contraptions occuring in a steady rhythmic frequency.
  • If your water breaks
  • If you are bleeding, similarly to the bleeding in the begining of the menstruation period.
  • If the fetus' movements become weak, their number decreases substantially or if there is no movement.

What do we bring to the labor room towards birth?

  • Pregnancy tracking card
  • Ultrasound results and every other test performed during the pregnancy
  • Medical documents containing past medical issues.
  • Stickers with your name, which you recieved when registering for birth, and a treatment consent form.
  • Toiletries and slippers
  • If you wish to wear private clothes during birth please bring a wide sleeved night gown and an covering house robe.
  • Net underwear or disposable underwear and a breastfeeding bra.
  • A telecard (cellphones are not allowed in the labor room).
    Reading material.

Maternity department
About an hour after birth the mother and baby are transferred to the maternity department by a midwife. The family can accompany them.

The maternity ward is located one floor above the labor rooms.

The father recieves a "father card" from the maternity department nurse, which grants unlimited access to the baby room and visitation rights from 08:00-20:00 in the maternity department.

"Hadassah Baby" hotel at the Ein Kerem campus
A new hotel for new mothers and newborns opened at the Ein Kerem campus. The hotel, a part of the Ein Kerem hotel, offers the mother easy recovery and a gradual, pampering and convenient move from the birth experience to the every day life.

The official site (in Hebrew)

Mount Scopus

Signing up for birth
Signing up for birth can be done in the following times:

Sundays-Thursdays between 08:00-16:00
Mondays between 08:00-19:00

What do we bring to the labor room towards birth?

  • All of the medical documents regarding pregnancy tracking (Tipat Chalav card and ultrasound card).
  • Stickers with your name, which you recieved when registering for birth, and a treatment consent form.
  • Toiletries and slippers (robe and night gown also possible).
  • Whites and elastic socks (whoever needs it).
  • We recommend bringing disposable underwear and a breastfeeding bra.
  • Telecard (no cellphones allowed in the labor room) and light reading material.
  • A lot of patience.
  • All the equipment the mother brings to the labor room is put next to the room she is in during birth in a small basket, so we ask you not to bring large luggage and valuables.

Admittance of the birth-giving mother at Hadassah
Every mother arriving at the hospital with one of the birth-giving signs, is examined by a midwife.

If the signs and examination results indicate the beginning of the birth process and it has been decided the mother must stay in the hospital, a message will be sent to the waiting family.

The admittance process takes about an hour, and when it is finished the mother will be referred to her room she will stay in until after birth. Two people can accompany the mother in the room. If the birth process has not begun yet and there is no reason for the mother to stay in the hospital, a doctor from the department will send you home.

The newborn department is located next to the labor rooms and the maternity department

The mother and father can enter the department freely, between 08:00-10:30, except for when the doctors are doing their rounds. The rest of the family can see the baby beyond the window in the department door, in the following times:

11:00-12:00, 15:30-17:00, 19:00-20:00.

Hospitalization of the mother and newborn
There are two maternity departments: A and B.

There are also two forms of hospitalization, to the mother's choice:

  • Regular - In which the mother stays in the maternity ward, and the newborn in the baby department. The mother takes the baby out to the maternity ward according to her abilities and the baby's needs.
  • Rooming-in - The baby stays by the mother from the first morning breastfeeding (around 06:00) and until the last evening breastfeeding (around 24:00). At night the baby stays in the newborn department. In the rooming-in rooms, the mother recieves close-instruction regarding breastfeeding, bathing, treating the baby and more.

Every check-up in the labor rooms (besides birth), require payment and paperwork done in the reception offices.

Please also look at "Giving birth at Mt. Scopus", or look at the Ein Kerem maternity departments and the Mt. Scopus Neonatal Unit.