Food at the hospital

As a rule, the patients in the hospital receive normal type food, which is prepared, packaged and served by the hospital's kitchen. A patient in need of a special diet will update the doctor or nurse in the department when they arrive, and will receive the appropriate diet.

Menu selections offered to patients who are not limited to a special diet
The food department serves the patient forms during morning hours, in which the patient selects the next meals: lunch and dinner for the day the form is filled out as well as the breakfast for the following day.

Every child eating a varied diet is eligible for a tray of food. Babies under 9 years of age are eligible for regular or vegetarian formula, or any other formula recommended by the treating staff. In the maternity ward there is a room in which breakfast and dinner is served in the form of a buffet.

Meal times

Breakfast: 07:30-08:30

Lunch: 12:00-13:00

Dinner: 17:00-18:00


The food served in the hospital is kosher by supervision of the chief rabbinate of Jerusalem.

Patients interested in food with a Baddatz Hechsher, can purchase subsidized vouchers for 13 shekels per meal. These vouchers can be acquired at the "Ya'el" volunteer service offices at the ת1 floor in Ein Kerem. The patient must give the voucher to the food department by 09:00 AM, and it will make sure to provide him with the Baddatz Kosher meal. (Baddatz Kosher meals are given to patients with regular diets and for lunch only).

Visitors are requested not to bring food into the hospital, except for fruits, vegetables and light drinks. Food can be kept in the refrigerator within each department's kitchenette.

Kosher food can be brought from home, only after receiving proper authorization from the Medical Center Rabbi. The permission form must be shown to the guard at the entrance to the hospital.

Food services for visitors and family

In Ein Kerem, besides the cafeterias, restaurants in the mall and vending machines, vouchers for lunch in the staff lunch room can be purchased at 32 shekels per meal. These vouchers can be purchased at the "Ya'el" volunteer service offices between 10:00-13:00. On Fridays and Saturdays, Erev Chag and holidays, meals are served to family members free of charge in the Covenant room (Chadar Habrit), in the middle floor.