Admission and release from the department

Hospitalization - From admission to release

Welcome to the department!
When you arrive, a nurse will greet you and assist you in getting to know the new environment.

Having one of the parents stay next to the child lowers his anxiety and contributes to his healing process. Therefore, we ask that one of the parents or any other person close to the child will stay with him throughout the entire hospitalization period. We will give the chaperone an armchair which can be opened into a bed at night.

Admittance for hospitalization
The first day of hospitalization is for all the admission processes, performing tests and having you and the staff get to know each other. In the morning of admittance day, you must go with your hospitalization referral to the patient admittance office (reception), where the registration for the hospital will take place, and when that is finished you will be sent to the department.

normally, several patients are admitted every day to each department, so there might be waiting periods between each test. Please accept this with understanding and prepare something to do in advance for when you are waiting (a book, a handicraft etc.) The patients admissions office is open Sundays-Thursdays, between 08:00-18:00. When the pediatric ward reception desk is closed admission can be done through the ER reception desk.

For more information about the various reception desks at Ein Kerem and Mt. Scopus, click here.

Release from hospitalization
The departments' doctors try to notify the patient or his family about their release one day in advance. The release certificate/illness summary and drug prescriptions will be given to the patient or his family.

The release certificate/illness summary is used as a medical certificate for the family doctor and the workplace. The patient is asked not to leave the hospital without it. Towards the release, the patient and his family will recieve explanations and instruction by a department nurse regarding further treatment as well as another day's medication doses. A patient who is invited for a check-up at the clinic after the hospitalization, is requested to check with the department's secretary and make sure they indeed do have an appointment and that the appointment date and time are listen in the release date/illness summary. If for some reason an appointment has not been scheduled, please call our appointment scheduling center at +972-2-5842111.

Please remember to come with a pre-approval form from the kupat cholim or a cash payment on the day of the clinic visit.

Outpatient Clinics
Outpatient clinics are for patients who are admitted, treated and released all on the same day. The patient must come equipped with an appropriate pre-approval form from the kupat cholim (or cash), be punctual and arrive on time for their appointment. The pediatric outpatient clinics in Ein Kerem are located in the Mother and Child Building, 1st floor. In Mt. Scopus, they are located in the new clinics' building, bottom floor.

What to bring for hospitalization

  • Referral for hospitalization ("Tofes Shva-Esre", Form no. 17).
  • Institutional pre-approval form by kupat cholim or a different relevant institution, or means of payment for the hospitalization.
  • Confirmation by the "Hadassah" Blood Bank for blood donations (if necessary).
  • Identification
  • Letter from the referring physician (if required).
  • All the medical documents you have, including X-rays.
  • Kupat cholim Maccabi members are asked to bring their magnetic membership card with them.

A patient arriving without a pre-approval form from the kupat cholim, is required to pay for the hospitalization in the reception desk. Payment is possible with any widely acceptable payment method, such as: credit card, cash, check or foreign currency.

A patient who has paid for the treatment and later presents an appropriate approval form from the kupat cholim for the same treatment, recieves a full refund of his money from Hadassah. More about refunds you can read here.

Personal belongings:
We recommend bringing personal belongings, such as: toiletries - tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, slippers, bath robe and house robe. Children recieve pijamas at the hospital, but can also bring one from ome. We recommend bringing books, crossword puzzles, games and music. Children in need of disposable diapers are asked to bring them when coming in for hospitalization.

We highly discourage bringing valuables to the hospital, such as: Jewelry, personal belongings with sentimental value and unnecessary documents.

The hospital is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of personal items belonging to patients including valuables, cloths, toiletries etc. In special cases, and when you have no other option, valuables can be deposited in the patients' admissions office.

Maps and directions to both hospitals can be found in General Information.