Children's AIDS Center

The Children's AIDS Center - Hadassah Ein-Kerem

The Hadassah Ein-Kerem Children's Aids Center has been active for 20 years and currently treats 35 children. The center stands out as it is a multidisciplinary center and operates within a regular pediatric clinic.

The center's staff includes:

  1. Dr. Averbukh, MD clinic director and specialist in the fields of AIDS and Pediatric Infectious Diseases
  2. Diana Gavriel, coordinating nurse
  3. Estelle Rubinstein, social worker for the children and their families, the Head of Social Work Department
  4. Ahuva Yavin Arnon, a pediatric pedagogic and medical psychologist
  5. Ehud Horwitz RPh, PhD, pharmacist; Reem Masrawa, RPh, PhD, pharmacist
  6. Itaktu Shafrau, community health coordinator and an employee of the Ministry of Health