Web awards won by site

We took you up on your invitation to take a look at your site, and were very impressed by what we saw. Congratulations !
(level 5 award)

Otakou Creative Design Award - Silver level

Your website received a rating of *Excellent*. Otakou is proud to have you on our winners list; we are aware that you have worked hard to create your website and to produce the standard of quality our criteria demands. CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for the pleasure your website has given to us whilst visiting your particular area.

http://www.peacework.com/otakou/index.htm (level 4.5 award)

From time to time, we find, often by accident, Web sites that have that something special - that mysterious element that sets them apart from all others. They may not be top Award winning sites, be perfectly designed or receive hundreds of visitors each day but they have that special indefinable something that 'tugs at your heartstrings', 'sends you on an emotional trip' or lets you know that 'you have feelings that are not as yet fully explored'.

In recognition of time, effort, quality, creativity and the emotional appeal brought to the web by creators of these beautiful Web sites we have created the STARFIRE AWARD which will be issued based upon analysis and judgment of emotional value. Web sites such as these more often than not remain unrecognised, and we, the owners of the two Web sites involved with these Awards, wish to reward in some small way, the immense pleasure we have received from your loving efforts. Your web site has been evaluated for this Award by our Award Evaluators and has been deemed to meet the criteria for this Award. We, the owners of the Starfire Awards Program, congratulate you on your success.

(level 4.5 award)
rating of 78 / 100

I have visited the site that you sent to me and I feel that it show all the requirements have been met for my top award.

Congratulations on a Great web site!

Your site is easily navigated, and is very informative. We are very impressed with the quality of your site. We are honored to give you our award.

Congratulations. Your web site has won the Award of Excellence. In reviewing your site, I have found it to be of high quality and value. This award is given out to outstanding websites. I review the sites in layout, load time, links that work, graphics, content, informative, etc. My compliments on a job well done. Keep it up, great work, I enjoyed surfing your site. And I hope you enjoy receiving this award as much as I enjoy giving it. Thank you, and again...Congratulations!...and thank you for the pleasure your web site has given me.

I have reviewed your wonderful site and I think you've done a marvelous job on it! I'd like to present you with my "Golden Diamond Site Award" for all the work you've done in producing a site which is very enjoyable to visit. It's not easy putting a great site together and you have achieved this.

Top Site: Your site is very creative, of great interest to your target audience, and is professionally put together in an easy-to-follow format.

I was extremely impressed with your site, and have bookmarked it so that I may continued to browse at leisure. (level 2 award)

The hard work you do makes an impact on the Web we all surf. Keep up the good work.

Your stained glass art work surely wins our "Outstanding Creations Award", for it is, just that! You must be very proud of your work and you have every reason to be.

Outstanding Site! I am honored to have visited and judged such an aesthetically pleasing presentation of your glass paintings and designs. Graphics By Bogie is pleased to present you with the Bronze Graphics Award of Excellence !

Your points are as follows:
Visual Impact 12/20
Emotional Impact 5/10
Originality 6/10
Navigation 5/5
Theme 5/5
Total Points 33/50