Treatment Methods

Treatment is decided by the physician and is based on the functionality tests of the lungs and respiratory system. Today, COPD can be diagnosed during its early stages and progression of COPD can be slowed, stopped and the condition can be improved. Treating the disease is done with the help of a multidisciplinary team of medical and paramedical professionals.

Most COPD treatments include:

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Inhalers, adapted for the personal needs of the patient
  3. Inoculations, to prevent the flu and pneumonia, which can be especially dangerous for these patients.
  4. Pulmonary rehabilitation, which includes special, medically-supervised physical activity and nutritional guidance.
  5. Personal guidance for emotional or familial problems.

Treatment through the center provides the most advanced methods and resources available to patients. They include:

  1. An introductory meeting and treatment outline. The cener receives patients who were referred by the hospital, health clinics or who come on their own. During the initial meeting, the patient will meet with a nurse, who will do a thorough assessment of the patient’s condition and special needs. A pulmonary specialist will then perform an assessment and will draw up a treatment plan that suits the patient’s needs. If needed, the patient will be referred for a pulmonary and physical rehabilitation program or for a psychological assessment. The patient can also choose to get a referral for a specialist in smoke rehabilitation.
  2. Treatment. After the initial assessment, the patient will be referred for his personal treatment by the medical team. The treatment will include clinical follow-up and possibly pulmonary rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, psychological counseling and smoke rehabilitation.
  3. Follow-up and medical treatment. The Pulmonary Institute of Hadassah has established a special clinic for COPD patients, where they will receive treatment and follow-up based on their specific needs. The physician will make sure that the patient receives all the necessary tests and exams, to keep track of any growths on the lungs or other the development of any smoking-related diseases. If the patients are willing, they will be able to take part in ongoing, international clinical trials, taking place in Hadassah.

Smoking Rehabilitation
We view smoking rehabilitation as a crucial part in treatment of diseases and conditions caused by smoking, in particular COPD. We are happy to assist any patient who is interested in quitting smoking. There is a separate treatment plan for patients who choose to quit smoking, which includes suitable medical treatment and workshops. This treatment is available for the patients at the center at any time.

If a patient’s condition demands hospitalization, the center’s staff will be available for counseling.