About the ART-Joy-Love program

ART-Joy-Love is a volunteering program in orphanages in Ethiopia and Uganda. While the ‘ART’ of ART-Joy-Love initially designated the anti-retroviral therapy administered for AIDS, the wellbeing of orphaned HIV-positive children has led us to restore the original meaning to ART, with focusing on the development of art skills in talented youngsters as well.

What is the ART-JOY-LOVE mission?
With anti-retroviral therapy keeping HIV-infected children healthy, our current mission is volunteering in orphanages to help local teams give these youngsters multidisciplinary medical care, along with joy, love, education, development of skills, and hope as they grow to become fully functional and independent adults.

ART-Joy-Love was founded by Prof. Dan Engelhard, head of the Hadassah Medical Organization’s Pediatric AIDS Center in Jerusalem, Israel, to support management of Pediatric AIDS in Ethiopia. The program was launched in Ethiopia in 2005 at the Mother Teresa Orphanage in Asco, Addis Ababa, in parallel to training of Ethiopian physicians and nurses, done in Jerusalem Israel, by the Hadassah Pediatric AIDS team.

ART (anti-retroviral therapy) was started and brought to the children there in collaboration with the local care-team, and ART drugs were made available through the PEPFAR program. During the program’s first year at the Mother Teresa Orphanage, mortality there plunged from about 25 to 1 percent — a rate that has been maintained. In the eight years since, the program has expanded to Mother Teresa Orphanage in Debre Markos and later on to three other orphanages in Ethiopia (as well as to an orphanage near Mumbai, India, during 2007-2008). In 2012, ART-Joy-Love introduced its program to Uganda in an orphanage on Bussi Island.

ART-Joy-Love 's volunteers, mainly from Israel, reach out to HIV-positive AIDS orphans in institutions. They share their expertise with local care-givers and give the children joy, love, education, development of skills and hope for their future.

Who are the volunteers?
ART-Joy-Love’s volunteers are anyone capable of hugging those children and giving them love, and who is willing to stay weeks or months in the Ethiopian or Uganda orphanages. If this is you, please contact us!

Our volunteers include pediatric AIDS experts, physicians, dentists, nurses, social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists, medical clowns, teachers, artists, medical and nursing students, art students, computer students and many other non-medical volunteers.

Where are the orphanages?
The program is currently operating in:

  • AHOPE, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Artists for Charity (AFC), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Mother Teresa, Asco, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Lola, Mekele, Ethiopia
  • Laviccare, Bussi Island, Uganda

What are the responsibilities of the program and what are those of the volunteers?
Preparations, both professional and personal, prior to volunteering are made by ART-Joy-Love representatives. ART-Joy-Love is familiar with local conditions and updated requirements, and makes every effort that the volunteering experience corresponds with applicants' expectations.

ART-Joy-Love is not responsible for medical or personal problems during or after the volunteering period; volunteers see to their own immunizations and prophylactic treatment, as well as full travel insurance cover.

For all of those onvolving in Pediatric AIDS in Ethiopia and Uganda, like every other place worldwide, ART-Joy-Love points out that the risk of HIV infection comes exclusively from (a) sexual relationships with HIV-positive individuals, and (b) use of or accidental puncture with a HIV-contaminated needle or syringe. There is no risk at all of infection from hugging HIV-positive children or from the daily routine of the orphanage.

About Hadassah’s Pediatric AIDS Center
Hadassah’s Pediatric AIDS Center in Jerusalem fields a multidisciplinary team, led by Prof. Dan Engelhard. The team includes physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, nutritionists, case managers and numerous specialists in a variety of medical fields. The Pediatric AIDS Center is well experienced and serves as a training center for caregivers from many countries worldwide; in particular trainig in Israel and mentoring in Ethiopia of Pediatric AIDS caregivers, since 2005.

A non-governmental organization (NGO), the Hadassah University Medical Center is the flagship project of Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America, Inc., the largest women’s organization in the USA.

Who to contact and how to register?
For further information and volunteering registration forms,please contact one of the following:

Adi Ornai – [email protected]
Susanne Enk - [email protected]
Dan Engelhard – [email protected]
Facebook: Art Joy Love
There is no charge for registration. Once you have completed and submitted the registration form, we will get back to you.

ART-Joy-Love is deeply grateful to the Karl Kahane Foundation (KKF) for their annual support, provided since 2007, which has enabled this volunteer program.

Thanks too, in the name of Prof. Dan Engelhard, ART-Joy-Love’s founder and head, to the program’s past and present coordinators — Dr. Amit Dotan, Dr. Ravit Birenboim, Liel Ronen, Dudi Barashi, Dorin Maalumi-Tidhar, Rimon Golovey, Susanne Enk, Meirav Yosef and Adi Ornai — as well as all the hundreds of volunteers whose contribution has been priceless.

Donations are welcome. To help enable this life-saving program, please contact Prof. Engelhard Dan at [email protected]

Donations to ART-Joy-Love are recognized worldwide as tax deductable.