Air ambulance services

Hadassah, operates 24/7 air ambulance services. Hadassah's medical team, a well trained aviation team together with iMER's logistic team offers emergency air evacuation within 4 hours from a call, door to door from & to any destination. Our own Citation jet , licensed and equipped as a flying intensive care unit.

We can provide an ICU-to-ICU transport service with continuous medical intensive care expertise during the flight ! We provide continuous patient monitoring including EKG, non-invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry and capnography. We also provide Mother & Child full medical support including all required neonatal intensive care services.

We carry oxygen for at least the doubled scheduled flying time, and have built in compressed air and vacuum suction pumps. The jet cabin is pressurized and air-conditioned which provide comfortable conditions for the patient and the flying staff.

Our staff includes experienced pilots, physicians with flying experience, paramedics and intensive care nurses.

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