Adolescent Psychiatric Day Care

Manager: Liran Rogev, Clinical Psychologist

Who is the unit for?
The Adolescent Psychiatric Day Care unit is located at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital, main building, 5th floor. The unit treats adolescents ages 12-18, which due to their mental state, require extensive and intensive therapeutic intervention. This unit is for situations in which a more inclusive therapy is needed than can be provided in a clinical visit framework, but full hospitalization is also not necessary.

In the unit we treat up to 12 adolescents, suffering from a variety of emotional problems which sometimes manifest in physical expressions as well, such as: Eating disorders, mood disorders, crisis situations, adjustment difficulties, suicidal tendencies and more.

Services provided in the unit
The day care unit, as part of a general hospital, is prepared to provide multi-disciplinary diagnostic services, including physical examinations, and psychiatric and psychologic evaluations. In addition, the unit is prepared to provide treatment according to the diagnosis, including personal, family, and group psychotherapy, parent guidance, dietary consultation and more.

In attempts of minimizing the consequences of being treated in the unit on the patients' education, the unit operates in the afternoon hours (13:00-19:00), year-round, 4 times a week (Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu).

Unit Staff
The staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, a dietitian, a nurse, art therapists, psychodrama and movement therapists, teachers and counselors. By necessity, there is also involvement of doctors from other hospital departments for medical counseling.

How to contact the unit
You may contact us via any professional, or directly:
Secretariat: Sun-Thu, between 08:00-15:00
Tel.: 02-6779203 or 02-6777858
Fax: 02-6234840

The service is free of charge and does not require a no. 17 form from the HMO (kupat cholim).