Goldyne Savad Institute of Gene Therapy (GTI) was Founded in 1998 by Prof. Eithan Galun in 1998 in Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital, with the generous support of Goldyne Savad.

Our mission is enhancing the translation of cutting-edge research and discovery to new therapies.

Towards that goal the GTI brings together multidisciplinary teams of scientists and clinicians from the Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital.

This collaborative research center supports the full path of drug discovery and early development; from promising laboratory discoveries to preclinical proof of concept, clinical translation, and early-stage clinical testing.

The GTI is the home of more than 75 scientists which include group leaders, principal investigators, medical doctors, students, and management team.

The GTI has established at its creation a GMP facility that until today produced over 50 first-in-man products, some currently produced for a phase III study.

Over two decades of science have yielded numerous patents and scientific breakthroughs. We are proud to be the founder of several companies such as Biokine Therapeutics Ltd, Cell Cure Neurosciences Ltd, Silenseed, SakuraBio. Our discoveries are being clinically tested and developed towards medications.

Among our collaborations and partners are companies such as BiolineRX, Gamida Cell, KAHR Medical Ltd. Ayala Pharmaceuticals and others.

GTI scientist have an extraordinary track record of generating patents, companies and products. Some of our products are currently at late phases of different clinical trials.


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